Shorewood Schools are great. Let's make sure they keep getting better.

I spent more than a decade as a journalist, and took away from that time a deep belief in the importance of bearing witness to and holding local government accountable.


I ran for a seat on the school board in 2017 and lost, but I kept writing about the school board's work.


As a citizen, as a parent and as a taxpayer, I believe our community's health is tied to our public school district as much as my health is tied to my heartbeat. There is no separating the two -- one cannot thrive without the other two as a constant source of vitality.

I still write and edit for a living --  it's one of a very small number of talents I can confidently claim -- followed closely by baking unsurpassed chocolate chip cookies. Cookies only go so far, and writing is better for my health, so I'm lending my talent to what I hope is a community benefit. 

I may or may not run again for school board, but either way I will continue to attend meetings and report back to anyone who wants to read.

When I'm not sitting in school board meetings or blogging, I can be found working in health care communications from my home office up the street from Lake Bluff Elementary, where my two kids are in 2nd and 5th grade, and frequently volunteering with our PTO.

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