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Your meeting

Once a year, the school district is required to call a meeting for village residents to consider and (usually) approve a tax levy to support the district for the coming year. School board members don't run this meeting -- they have to let a member of the public call the question as to whether we all as residents agree to the tax levy proposed by district leadership.

The agenda for Tuesday's meeting

The times I have attended, this annual meeting has been an interesting bit of theater, but I am still always saddened that more people don't attend. The tax levy from the district is larger than the village's, so as much as we in the community might bicker and banter about TIF districts, home appraisals and the relative tax burden on residents, really, it would make sense to pay more attention to what the district is asking us to pay.

This year's meeting is scheduled for Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. at the high school library. As of this posting, there aren't any materials available in advance to preview, but I'll update if they do get added. The agenda does call for a "State of the School District" report by the Superintendent, which should be of interest to anyone with kids or who pays taxes here. Keep in mind that this is your meeting, and plan to be there.

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